What's new in FLOW-3D CAST v2023R2

FLOW-3D CAST is a state-of-the-art metal casting simulation modeling platform that combines extraordinarily accurate modeling with versatility, ease of use, and high performance cloud computing capabilities. For every metal casting process, FLOW-3D CAST has a workspace ready to put you on a quick, intuitive path to modeling success. With 11 process workspaces, powerful post-processing, pioneering filling and solidification and defect analysis, FLOW-3D CAST delivers both the tools and roadmap for designing optimal casting solutions.

To make the experience of the casting simulation better, the following advanced features in have been introduced in FLOW-3D CAST 2023R2:

  1. New Thermal Die Cycling (TDC) model
  2. New results file format to enable faster postprocessing
  3. Hydrostatic pressure initilisation